Silvia Tirado is a model, influencer and singer. Half Italian and half Dominican a perfect mix between beauty, elegance and sensuality, her passion for the music was transmitted by her father Silvio, musician multi – instrumentalist,  having played in the past with important Italian artists had transmitted the love for the music to his daughter.

In 2019 Silvia started her music activity publishing few singles produced by Gabriele Pippo: Diablita, an Italian track with Spanish chorus.

In 2020 Chanel Parfum (the famous parfum brand used by Marylin Monroe and loved by all women). The artist among the many awards receives the “Disclosure Award” during the X Event Edition Golden Microphone.

In 2020 the singer released her III single “Soy Tuya” produced again by the producer G Romano. She wrote this single during her relationship with him and talks about two people in love who share the same dreams and goals and can achieve them together.

After meeting with the producer manager Tony Massarutto and the music lawyer Leopoldo Lombardi, along with PDS Solution, Silvia drifted towards a new project headed for a genre that rappresented her the single “Mi Chico” was born, it’s the first track of a series of songs that approaches a wide international scope.

Latin sonority and electropop that lead her to rediscover her latin origins being the daughter of a Dominican woman. The product was born from the artistic creativity of a team of authors, music producers and managers, coordinators with a big experience and professionality, which created, after a careful musical research, a product with a strong impact where the rhythm and melodies emerge, in line with the vocal chords and musical world of Silvia Tirado.

The release of this first single on the Rossodisera label and distributed all over the world in all digital stores by Altafonte, is accompanied by a video clip made by the videomaker Emanuel Lo with great professionalism and with a view beyond the normal parameters.

In 2021 the IV single “Ghiaccio” produced by G Romano is released. It’s about a cold woman who melts like ice when she falls in love.

“As a social media influencer, I’m always showing you new looks and ideas on how to dress. I have a profound knowledge of fashion and luxury brands. I participate at important events, marketing and entertain relationships with colleagues and well-known people related to the fashion industry.

Ever since I was a teenager I did photoshoots advertisements, special appearances and I’ve always posted something about interesting on social media. I try to convey myself as I truly am, an image of a humble, optimistic and playful woman who takes life with stride. I am a feminist and I fight a lot for women’s rights and against stereotypes.

In fact, on TikTok I created a playlist called “women power” in which I talk about all the important women throughout history, such as: Rosa Parks, Rita Levi Montalcini, Virginia Woolf, etc. all-important women who have changed history with their intelligence, their courage and their determination.

Unfortunately, being a public figure is not always a pleasant thing. In fact, something I deal with constantly is bullying, criticisms and insults. For example, I personally have been attacked with racism, there is also a lot of malice on social media. My family is of mixed race and heritage, therefore, I actively participate in initiatives against racism. I try to promote events to raise awareness among people. A person must be judged by what is in their soul and not by the color of their skin.

I am very sorry that in 2023, race is still an issue.

Recently, I also published a post with acne to show those who follow me that no woman is perfect. We all have our insecurities and our flaws, but the best thing is to know how to accept them and like yourself as you are.
I am also a fashion lover, one of the things I try to do is interact with my audience. I show my new purchases and make it fun by doing unboxings. I try to create new looks in my posts to inspire girls to dress up and play up their wardrobes.

If you are interested in what you have read, start following me and listen to my music! <3″

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